Think twice when opting for the cheaper option…..

When booking an aesthetic consultation ensure you carry out your research…

·         Ask which filler or toxin will be used – Brands such as Restylane and Juvederm are well known and safe fillers but there are many lower priced fillers on the market. 

·         Find out whether the practitioner is medically qualified – performing injectable treatments to the face is a complicated and risky treatment so by seeing a medically trained professional your mind is put at rest regarding their facial anatomy knowledge.  Aesthetic doctors have years of training and experience behind them so don’t risk being a guineau pig for a new practitioner for the sake of saving a few pounds,

Nowadays there are many practitioners offering wrinkle reduction and filler treatments at low low prices. 

Be wary of these as the lower price could be due to a number of reasons:

1)      Diluted Product – If a practitioner offers a treatment at a significant price reduction, they must be sacrificing something.  In some cases they have been found to dilute toxins to enable them to administer more treatments.

2)      Counterfeit Fillers– Some fillers may not be FDA approved

3)      Contaminated Product – there have been a number of cases publicised in the media highlighting where fillers have been mixed with baby oil and fat to name a few before being injected.  Ensure the practitioner opens a new box of filler whilst you are in their presence.

4)      Practitioner is not duly qualified, so this could lead to problems such as the face looking frozen, droopy eyelid to faces looking disfigured due in incorrect administration.  Also they may not know how to rectify any problems caused.