Skintech is  a revolutionary combination treatment what is tailor made to clients needs.  Its combines diamond peel microdermabrasion, radiofrequency, mesotherapy and LED.

Rotational diamond peel is an advanced non-invasive exfoliating procedure, removing the outer layer of dead skin cells which are taken away by vacuum suction.  Congestion and black heads are drawn out during the procedure and it also improves the blood supply and oxygenation of the skin and stimulates new collagen and elastin production.

Radiofrequency targets collagen causing a contraction of the fibres and an immediate skin tightening and lifting effect.  It also stimulates the synthesis of new collagen and elastin which gives a further tightening effect over time and successive treatments.  Radiofrequency can target unwanted fat to improve the jowls and create a smoother, younger looking skin.

Mesotherapy – No needle electro-mesotherapy allows active ingredients to be absorbed by the skin and enter the cells directly to nourish and target specific skin problems, tailored to individual requirements.  Active ingredients can increase hydration, lighten the skin and deliver anti-aging products that can also promote collagen and elastin production.

LED is a non-invasive light therapy that stimulates the skins natural repair process and can improve mental well being.  The energy, wavelength, temperature and density can be controlled to help stimulate or minimize various metabolic functions of the skin.

Blue LED will increases skin hydration and remove bacteria that causes acne.

Green LED will have a detoxifying action in the skin, encourage self-regeneration and increase skin nourishment.

Yellow LED will increase lymphatic circulation, relax the nervous system and boost the immune system.

Red LED will increase blood circulation, increases collagen production, support lifting and toning and reduces pore size