3D-lipo is a new non surgical treatment offered at the clinic. It’s suitable for fat reduction, skin tightening, cellulite reduction.

It has a number of modalities including:

Cavitation which uses ultrasounds waves to break down fat cells, this is suitable for inch loss and overall fat reduction.

Radiofrequency uses electric current to heat tissues to 40 degrees. At this temperature tissues contract and cause collagen and elastin formation. It can lead to skin tightening and fat melting.

Cryo (fat freezing) is suitable for small pockets of fat, freezing fat cells to -6 degrees.

Treatments are weekly (apart from cryo and hifu) and a course of 8 treatments is recommended. Some clients may need more than 1 course.


Patsy Kensit (actress)

“I’m  absolutely loving 3D-lipo! It’s so effective and quick – what’s not to like about it?! I can see a change in my body with every treatment and I couldn’t recommend it enough”