A daily account of the Threadlift procedure performed by Dr Patel on a client

Thursday-  Day of the procedure

On arrival my face was covered in a thick numbing cream and it was 45 minutes before the cream started to work and numb the face.

The procedure was not pain-less, but I have in the past had fillers that have been painful.

Afterwards I felt a little light headed but no pain at all. Eating however was not easy.

Day 2

When I woke up my face felt very hard and the skin tight, hardly any bruising but a few bumps where the needles had been.

I was very pleased as I went out to lunch which I didn’t expect.

Day 3

The bruising had started to show but nothing a bit of makeup couldn’t hide

Week 2

The bruising is very yellow. These is a slight ache under my chin and the mouth area has a slight electric shock feeling

Week 3

Not much at all in terms of pain but a small amount of bruising. Now and then a twinge

Week 4

My face has become much smoother, the skin under my chin is starting to become more slender and the biggest bonus is my makeup will stay fresh and dewy up to 8+ hours

The procedure is not instant, but it is a softer way to lift your face, and I feel my face looks younger, brighter but not tight.