We had an amazing open day celebrating our 20th Anniversary. On this day clients came to the clinic for the opening of the new 3DHydro 2-Facial.

We had a our, beautiful 3D representative Dipa offering our clients the five star treatment with our new multi-technology facial device
Offering the complete facial solution for an array of concerns, 3D-Hydro 2 is designed to target universal facial concerns including hydration, oxygenation, anti-ageing, brightening, skin tightening and congestion. By utilising seven different technologies, we can offer bespoke treatments tailored to the clients skins needs. These technologies smooth, hydrate and cleanse the skin resulting in a glowing, more youthful appearance.
During a 3D-Hydro 2 facial, the therapist will choose from one or all of the available technologies to create completely bespoke treatment packages. These include Radio-frequency Skin Tightening, Hydro Peel, Deep Cleanse, Oxygenation, Skin Lifting, Hydration and a Cryo Facial. Technologies can be combined for a complete prescriptive approach depending on the individual client’s skin concerns.

• Deep Cleanse
• Hydrodermabrasion / Exfoliation
• Oxygenation
• Product infusion
• Lifting
• Skin tightening
• Oxy Spray
Hydro Peel/Deep Cleanse using a combination of three solutions to cleanse and smooth the skin using an AHA based solution.
Exfoliation / Oxygenation allowing oxygen to be drawn into the skin. The active ingredients used are Kojic Acid and Retinol which results in a hydrating and brightening effect.
The Oxygenation spray creates a venture effect, breaking down the molecules within the product to encourage skin hydration.
Hydration, Ultrasound technology is used for product infusion.
Skin Lifting treatment uses electroporation to increase the absorbency of the cell for the product penetration. This, in turn, revitalises and “wakes up” dull lifeless skin.
Skin Tightening Radio Frequency is used to increase collagen reproduction in mature skin. skin tightening is ideal for incorporating into an anti-ageing facial.
Fire and Ice – The ‘Fire’ represents the heat element during the treatment. Using this applicator, heat Is incorporated into the beginning of the facial protocol to open the pores, increase blood supply, and aid product infusion. The ‘Cryo Facial’ uses cooling technology, chilling the skin down to 5c. This is used at the end of each facial to decrease the bloody supply, giving a tightening effect, and sealing in the unfused products. This also helps to reduce any erythema following treatment.

Our clients enjoyed treatment demos with 3D Lipo and Hydrofacial, free patch test for HIFU and Laser hair removal.

We had the pleasure of the ZO rep Gemma Knowler talking to our clients all about products and skincare answering any questions they had they also received an excellent 10% discount on all the skincare products.

For this week we raised money for Ellenor charity, a big thank you to all our clients that donated generously to a very good cause.

Ellenor Raffle

We hope our clients liked the goody bags that each of them received. We had a great experience as a team and look forward to doing another event day in the new year….. Watch out for the dates