Skin Peel – Agera

Agera skin peels have the ability to gently improve the appearance of the skin by increasing the renewal of the skin cells, enhancing collagen production and refining pore size. It is a good treatment for acne prone skin or those requiring an anti ageing treatment.

Just like the face, the back is prone to breakouts. This peel can be applied in higher strengths to tackle acne marks and can be combined with microdermabrasion for greater results.

This peel can be tailor made in terms of strength. We normally start on SLC 24 and progress upto SLC 50 which is the highest strength peel from this range. Please note for Asian skin we would not go as high as SLC50 we normally add more layers to increase the depth of the peel. The most we could increase for this type of skin is up to SLC40.