Client COVID-19 Information

Infection control has always been a top priority for our clinic.  The following steps will be taken to ensure the safety of the patients and staff.  All our staff have been trained in infection control.  All our surfaces will be cleaned regularly throughout the day.  We will no longer be able to offer magazine or brochures or beverages.

  1. Initial Consultations for new patients can be face to face in clinic or remotely by Zoom.  This allows for the practitioner to assess the patient, go through the medical history, explain the treatment options and potential side effects.  Your questions can be addressed and after care advice given.
  2. If you agree to the treatment, the consultation form will be emailed to you to complete, sign and email back to us.  If this not possible please bring it along on your treatment day. Should there be any queries with regards to the consent form we prefer that you contact us by email or telephone prior to your treatment date.
  3. If any of the following applies to you please do not attend but ring or email to cancel your appointment.
  4. a)  Symptoms of dry cough, flu like illness, fever, loss of taste of smell, diarrhoea, 
  5. b)  Contact with a covid19 patient in the last 14 days 
  6. c)  Return from abroad within 2 weeks of your treatment date
  7. To ensure your safety we will limit the number of patients in the clinic at any given time to   limit the contact. The door will be locked so please ring the buzzer on arrival (this will be cleaned after each use). 
  8.   Longer appointment times will be allocated to ensure that all rooms are cleansed before and after treatments. You will be directed straight to the treatment room.  We ask that you only attend with your purse and no other bags or shopping. For any treatments on the face please attend without makeup. Use of mobile phones will be prohibited in the clinic. This is to avoid the potential spread of infection in the clinic.   
  9.   Beverages will not provided so please bring your own bottled water if required.
  10. The waiting room will not be used so we advise that ONLY the patient attends the clinic. Please turn up at the time of your appointment otherwise you may not be seen. If you are early please ring the clinic from the car to check if you can be seen early as the waiting room facilities will not be used due to COVID-19 . The door will be locked so please ring the buzzer to gain access.  The door handle and buzzer will be cleaned after each client.
  11. Please turn up in a mask. Your temperature will be taken on arrival.   Hand sanitiser will be provided on entry.  
  12. Please bring your own pen with you if there are consultation forms to complete on the day.  Advise the clinic if you are unable to print and scan your form to us if we have suggested for you to do so prior to the appointment.
  13. Client and staff safety has always been of paramount importance to us. In view of this, we will be staggering appointments to limit the number of clients in the clinic at any given time. Between appointments, time will be allocated for cleaning the room and communal areas thoroughly. We have also invested in PPE and appropriate cleaning agents for Covid-19. Unfortunately, there will be a £5 surcharge for this additional investment for keeping the clinic safe.
  14.   During the treatment you and the doctor/therapist will be advised not to talk as you will be close to each other. As far as possible the doctor/therapist will also wear a visor for extra safety
  15.     We would like payments by contactless method where possible.   

Thank you for your cooperation